Want to speak to a nutritionist during lockdown?
Online consultations are available in all COVID-19 alert levels. In-person consultations currently available in Papakura, Auckland.



Our one-on-one nutrition consultations are all about understanding where you are now and giving you expert nutrition advice to get you where you want to be. 

Before your first session

Before your first consultation, you will complete a questionnaire to help us get to know a bit more about you and how we can help you. Filling this out before your first session means you get to spend more time talking about the really useful stuff to get you to your goals.

The first session

The first consultation will focus on your current situation and your goals, and provide personalised nutrition advice matched to your lifestyle and personal preferences. We’ll explore your previous experiences relating to diet, as well as some of the challenges and obstacles you may face, so we can develop a plan for success.


We’ll discuss some of the fundamentals of nutrition relevant to your goals, which will give you a clear understanding of the reasons behind the recommendations, and enable you to make good decisions in your day-to-day life.


You will come away with a clear, focused plan with simple changes you can make to get to your goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way.


Follow-up sessions

In the following sessions, we will check-in on your progress, tweak your plan where needed and agree your focus for the coming week(s). We will build on your successes and find solutions to challenges. You will receive ongoing support, motivation and accountability to help keep you on track.

The frequency of appointments will be up to you, depending on how often you would like to check-in for support, guidance and accountability. (Weekly or fortnightly may be typical.)

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